Hello, this is my page about my history papers and book reviews. I love writing about history or art history depending on what mood I’m in to write about. I also love to read books in general and personally I like to write the reviews on the books to get people to be aware of them and for me to discover more books as well. Most of these history papers were written while I was in school getting my bachelors degree in history with a minor in art history, papers for my master’s degree for museum studies, or I wrote a paper in my free time.

So please enjoy my work, I do not mind constructive criticism on my work I do look to improve my writing.

However no one may use my work, do not steal my papers not even one line. I have my work copyrighted. If I can write a paper so can you. The only parts you can use are my sources to inspire you to read the sources itself for your own writing purposes.


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