Book Review #10 Star Wars: The Paradise Snare

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while! I’m excited to write my tenth book review! This time my book review can get about as nerdy as you can get because the book I choose is Star Wars: Paradise Snare by A. C. Crispin, Han Solo’s back story. It’s a 306 page book that was a very quick easy read. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, I’ve seen the movies a million times and I thought it was time to start reading the books. I really only want to read the books that are canon to the main story line (excluding any book related to the prequels). I choose to start with Paradise Snare because I love Han Solo, he is my favorite character and I wanted to read what his life was like before he met Luke and Leia. I know at the time that I am writing this there is a start of a Han Solo stand alone movie about his beginnings (like they haven’t even started filming it but are casting and all that pre-filming stuff) that may make this book series null and void to the canon of Han Solo’s past just like other book series when The Force Awakens came out. However, I really want to read these books and I think it will be fine changing the story if it’s something Star Wars fans can enjoy.

Overview: Han is a young man at the age of 18 or 19 and just escaped the cruel grip of the malicious Captain Shrike and his ship to become his own man. Han wants to become the best pilot in the galaxy and to join the Imperial Navy and be a pilot for them. Before Han can do that he needs to sharpen his piloting skills and make some money to pay for the admission fee for the Imperial Navy. Han is already a decent pilot but he find a job on the Planet Ylesia to train in his skills and make some good money. Ylesia, is a paradise planet filled with religious promises and a hidden illicit drug trade but Han knows it will make him great amount of money. However, Han soon learns everything promised on this paradise planet is not what it seems especially with the religious leaders running the place. Han must find a way to escape with his new friends or be stuck to become a brain washed fool.

Overview: Besides the fact that I love Star Wars and that it is a Star wars book I really did enjoy it. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. It was really fun learning about Han’s past from when he was a kid to the point it reached for the starting point of the book with Captain Shrike. There was plenty of action, conversation, and mystery to the book that could keep me and other readers entertained. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan it’s a fun book to read, you really don’t need to watch the movies in order to understand Paradise Snare. Paradise Snare doesn’t focus on the Jedi, Sith, or the politics of the world like the senate it is easy to understand a story about a regular man trying to make his own in the Star Wars universe. Even if you take out the factor that it’s in the Star Wars universe it’s an action packed story about a young smuggler in space.

My two biggest complaints is that one it was a very easy read. It really took me a day to read this book. It doesn’t present the reader with much of a challenge, but that’s ok. It’s probably going to be pretty fun to watch this as a movie. My second complaint is that A. C. Crispin switches the names of the characters with their alien race names when she writes what they’re doing. For example: Crispin would write “Han said…” then later in the paragraph she wrote “the Corelliean…”. So sometimes I would forget what alien races these characters were and have to re-read just to see who she was talking about. Also sometime the alien race’s names would match the name of a character, so again I’d have to re-read who she was talking about. Just stick to the character names unless you’re describing what the alien race looked like.

What I do love about the book was the characters. Even though I couldn’t really relate to a character because I have never been in space or exist in the Star Wars universe or been in their situation, these characters were people I would cheer for in life or befriend. Even though this a short easy read I think this book makes the reader focus on the characters and develop attachments to characters  than the plot of the book. I got really attached the characters besides Han Solo especially with Muuurgh, Han’s body guard. I also love that a woman wrote this story. She captured the essence of Han Solo’s character and the adventure story-like telling of the Star Wars movies. Women like Star Wars too!

Since this is a trilogy series the ending left at a good point to start up for the next book! It wasn’t a crazy cliff hanger just like the Star Wars movie. However, the reader can feel that there is more to be had in the next book. I say read the book! For those who are big fans of the movies but also for people who are not the biggest fan of Star Wars. It’s a fun action read that makes the reader attached to the characters and wants to see them get out alive in this adventure.


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