Book Review #9 City of Bones

Hey everyone, I hope all is well and welcome to my ninth book review! This time on The Mortal Instruments book 1 City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. A 485 page book so a decent size of a book. This book was recommended by a friend, and when I say recommended I mean the covers are so shiny (at least the old covers) and I kept staring at them like a creeper and finally I asked about them, so she gave me the first book in the series to read! Before I took the book home to read I never knew it was turned into a tv series or a movie. To be quit honest I’ll never watch the movie, with a bad rating of 12% on Rotten Tomatoes I’m not interested. I did see the trailer it looked really bad I mean Jace who is suppose to be handsome and toned like a well fit athlete looks like a recovering meth head with a bad bleach job to his hair. If you have watched the movie, I’m sorry but don’t let that terrible movie alter wanting to read the book, Hollywood did that series no justice. What is also unfortunate is the covers of the book are changing the City of Bones cover has the movie actors on it and who wants that? However this is not a movie critique it’s a book review, but I had to get that out there, so lets get started!

Overview: Clary Fray, a regular teenager of 15 living in New York City is out for a night on the town at the Pandemonium Club. Clary hardly expects to witness a murder at the club committed by three teenagers with strange markings all over them. This murder is Clary’s first encounter with the Shadowhunters: the gorgeous golden haired Jace and the dark haired brother and sister duo of Alec and Isebelle. Clary learns that the Shadowhunters are warriors dedicated to destroying demons that humans can’t see and keeping the world safe from what Clary thought were mythical creatures in story books. After Clary’s first interaction with the Shadowhunters her world gets turned upside down when her mother disappears and is attacked by a demon in her apartment. But why would demons attack Clary? She was just a regular human who shouldn’t be seeing demons like the rest of the humans in New York City. Clary must now join Jace and the rest of the Shadowhunters to know why these strange things are happening to her and find her mother.

My Opinion: I very much enjoyed this book I give it a 3.5/5 stars! Even though I’m a bit too old for young adult books I really enjoyed it. Cassandra is a magnificent author it’s no surprise this series was on the New York Best Sellers list. Plus with the Mortal Instruments Series and other series she has written I will be happily occupied for a while! Cassandra’s writing style is amazing, it was so fluid and mesmerizing. Great transitions of the story from chapter to chapter and scene to scene it was all so wonderful.

I’ve always been a really big fan of fantasy with mythical creatures so I was super excited to know City of Bones had all of that but in a modern setting. The story was absolutely fantastic. With a great plot that kept the story moving along and was exciting with plenty of action. The talking parts were not a pain to read through, you learn the background of the world and the characters in way were it is really enjoyable! Plus they do move the story along.

The characters were all lovable, that includes the villains. Clary was so awesome! She was smart, resourceful, witty, and down to earth. Clary is another female hereon that is just amazing to read about and cheer on in the story. I’m glad Clary exist for teenagers to read and look up to, she is what a strong, real and relatable girl looks like, not Bella Swan that’s for sure. Jace was another one of my favorite characters. Jace was amazing because he added great dialogue and conflict to Clary which was funny to read. The rest of the characters added to the story as well but are not as prominent in the story like Clary and Jace.

The only problems I had with the City of Bones was the romance and the predictability aspects. The romance aspect is a very small part of the book so it’s not like the book is a romance genre. I won’t bash on the romance too much and go into too much detail about it as well because City of Bones is a young adult book. So it’s not too much of a surprise that there is young love. But I seriously prefer the romance in City of Bones over Twilight  any day. City of Bones was pretty predictable so I guessed what mostly was going to happen in the book before it happened, but again young adult book. I know the romance and the predictability of City of Bones isn’t really a problem when it comes to the story. I only bring up these concerns that I had for any reader who doesn’t fit in the age zone of young adult genre and is curious about reading it.

The ending of City of Bones had a good stopping point that could be continued on in the next book. Without giving the reader too much of a cliff hangar anxiety the ending wrapped up a lot of ties in City of Bones however, there are a lot of unanswered questions that will be either brought up again or answered in the next book or other books further down the series. So there are a lot of thing I’m still curious about for the rest of the series that I’m excited to find out about. I would recommenced City of Bones even if a reader is not in the young adult age. The story is just so wonderful and so fluid. Putting the book down to take a break felt like you were disturbing a nice quiet evening!

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