Book Review #7 Kushiel’s Dart

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend I know I sure did! Welcome to my seventh book review on Kushiel’s Dart By Jacqueline Carey. Depending on which copy of the book you have or get will depend on the page numbers you have to read, the first print copy of the book is around 912 pages or the new cover remake is about 654 pages, so a pretty long read. Don’t get cocky with new remade covers that only have 654 pages it’s size is bigger than most books with slightly smaller text, they just remade the style of the book itself.

So a little bit of background about Kushiel’s Dart before I do the review. This book was recommended to me by a very good friend who absolutely loved the series and let me borrow the first book. Kushiel’s Dart is actually the first book of the Kushiel and Naam saga. There are nine book in total of the saga in three different parts. Each part of the saga has its own trilogy of books with its own story that ties all together in the same universe. The first part of the saga trilogies include Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Chosen and Kushiel’s Avatar. So with that stated I must make a rule for any books that I review that are a saga, trilogy or series: I will only review the first book of any series. I feel if I review about later books in any series it’s going to have major spoilers. So now lets move onto Kushiel’s Dart!

Overview: Phédre, a young girl born with a scarlet mote in her eye, a blessing from a deity that is either a curse or a blessing to find pleasure in pain. As a very young child Phédre is sold to the Court of the Night-Blooming Flower to become a beautiful but anonymous courtesan. While Phédre is still a young child, she is sold to a Nobel men named Anafel Delauney, who recognized her rare scarlet mote and sees great potential in her. Delauney trains Phédre to not only be a great be a great courtesan in the bed chamber but also trains her in history, politics, language and so much more. As her training goes along we also as the reader see Phédre grow to be a beautiful, smart young woman, an ultimate weapon in the dangerous courts. During her time in the courts, Phédre learns of a conspiracy against the throne but she is too late to warn anyone as invaders from the north come and take her home land along with traitors within her own country. Phédre must now be the one to save the throne and her home land because she is one of a few who knew about the invasion and who the traitors are. Joined by her trusted body guard Joscelin they must cross the borders and rally armies before everything in her homeland is lost from the traitors and invaders!

My Opinion: Even though there might be no such thing as a perfect book, this book is perfect to me! It is one of my favorite books of all time! So I give this book a 5/5 stars. Kushiel’s Dart is just so amazing I was able to get the rest of the series and reread this book so I’m just really excited.

First off, the story is amazing: great characters who develop so well within the story, and most importantly a great story arc. I got lost int this story so many times that I really did hide away from the world for a few days just to continue reading this book. I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of books and novel whose setting is olden times, like the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. However Kushiel’s Dart was so amazing the time setting doesn’t really matter, the story does better as a Middle Age setting than any other time period. The conflict and the pacing was amazing too. There never really was a part that I thought needed to change it would ruin the story or the pacing. Though the main story plot is a common trope of saving the world, Jacqueline wrote Kushiel’s Dart in such a unique way the story feels original to a common trope.

The characters were just fabulous. Phédre is an amazing female hereon that I can stand beside this character and admit she is fantastic. Phédre is smart, brave, beautiful, fun and a well-grounded person. Phédre develops throughout the story for the better and when she is faced with conflict she isn’t freighted and uses her strengths to her benefit and it works out for her because she is so smart. Phédre’s strengths are relatable she isn’t some average person who can do amazing things because the author said so with no real reason as to why she is great, Phédre is great because she made herself great and the reader can see it. Phédre has passion for learning and her passion made her the amazing person she is in the book. Phédre is a character we can all love and cheer for. For the villains as much as I wanted their plans to be ruined by Phédre I still loved them too, they are a villain I love to hate.

Jacqueline Carey can write an amazing story, her writing style is amazing. Even during slow parts, parts mostly with dialogue or back ground it’s still entertaining to read. Kushiel’s Dart is a book readers don’t need the feel to skip or skim parts, it’s just that good. Nothing against Game of Thrones or City of Bones but Kushiel’s Dart would make a great TV series.

As stated before Kushiel’s Dart has a continuation of the story so as far as endings go it has a great stopping point leaving readers excited to go to the next book. Now what I’m mostly excited about for the next book is that most of the conflict in Kushiel’s Dart is wrapped up really nicely. So it leads me to wonder what’s going to be the main plot in the next book. It just blows my mind that Jacqueline Carey was able to write such a long book with a great plot that has a long saga with books just as big and long as Kushiel’s Dart and the saga continues to have a great plot throughout the saga and it doesn’t get boring or loses the excitement for how long of a series it is. I highly recommend this book to all readers, even people who don’t read should read this book.



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