Book Review #5: BoyzNite

Hello everyone and welcome to my fifth book review! This review is on the short story “BoyzNite” by Xane J. Fisher. A very short story that only consist of 12 pages and only offered digitally. Though it is a short read it’s a very good read and an easy way to add a book to your list of books you have read!

Overview: The reader follows Ian Peters, a young law student who has come to live with his family in Oregon for the summer until the next semester of school starts in California.However the story only focuses on the first day and night that Ian has arrived home, with his reconnections with his friends and family and an epic night of partying. Though “BoyzNite” does have a small plot the story mostly focuses on Ian’s thoughts and emotions. The reader mostly engages with Ian and his struggles of seeing how his old home town and those in it have changed for better or worse.

My Opinion: Though I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of short stories, I don’t seek them out because I like to read a long story. However this short story was fantastic I give this book and 4 out of 5 stars!! “BoyzNite” is a very relatable story  for a good amount of people. Even I can relate to this story, even though I am not a man. Which is probably why I’m giving this short story such a good rating, but I will focus on three ways this story is relatable to the masses.

One, Ian is 25 growing up in probably 2016 (there is no date mentioned in the story but it refers to themes in the 21st century) so this character would be in my generation so he reflects a small part of the struggles of our generation. Ian struggles to be himself in a society that he feels doesn’t need him or his opinions also Ian feels he needs to live up to an older generation where he will never fit in.

Second, the party that Ian attends was a way for him to reconnect with his old life and friends which we all do from time to time. A party that will release Ian from his responsibilities, reality and future. A night to escape until tomorrow comes. We all need that party to lose yourself in: forgetting your troubles, reconnecting with old friends. A nostalgic feeling  with old friends that reminds you why life is worth living.

Third, the conflicting differences of peoples different lives compared to your own life. When Ian comes back to his old hometown he is the only one out of family and friends with a excellent college education. Everyone Ian knows had big plans and dreams for their life which were never achieved and they had to fall back on second best and got stuck with a second best life. Especially when it comes to Ian’s brother Devin and old middle school sweetheart, Kristen. Devin has not followed in his brother’s footsteps of going to a prestigious college and lives life his own way, which Ian silently judges. Ian keeps wanting to lecture his brother about improving his lifestyle, but keeps his thoughts to himself. For Ian’s old sweetheart he learns Kristen’s struggle to handle the life that has been dealt to her. Ian is conflicted of how to help because college has paved a very bright future for him and doesn’t understand the struggles of people who have a hard life or those who can’t go to college to change their life. Ian can’t sympathize with people who have a hard life because he won’t have one. Whether the reader or someone the reader knows whether they did or didn’t go to college and have a bright future there are people in your past who presently have a hard life and a not so bright future, sometimes you can’t help them because you don’t know how or you just can’t in general. It’s how life is.

The ending was great! Xane left the ending very satisfying with a small cliff hanger. Xane could have continued the story but it’s a story that doesn’t need to be continued, it’s great where it left off. The continuation of the story can be left up to the readers imagination as well. I highly recommend this story I’m also hoping that Xane writes more stories in the future!


*A special thanks to Royal James Publishing company for letting me have the ARC to review this book!

Cover Image credit source: Amazon


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