Book Review #2: Night Film

Welcome to my Second Book Review. This one is about the book Night Film by Marisha Pessl. the books is about 587 so a good size read. This one was actually recommended by Joseph Fink one of the creators of the podcast I love called: Welcome to Night Vale. (The Welcome to Night Vale book is next!).So my readers do me a favor, read this review then go out and grab this book to read! DO IT!! No excuses that the library or book store is closed or Amazon will get it to you later just get it now.

Overview: Young, beautiful Ashley Cordova is found dead in an abandoned warehouse, but her death is ruled as a suicide. Ashley’s death being ruled as a suicide doesn’t sit well with veteran journal investigator Scott McGarth, who wants to get to the bottom of this mystery. McGarth during the investigation comes face to face with Ashley’s father Stanislas Cordova the legendary renowned cult-horror film director who has made some of the best cult-horror-psychological-thriller movies man kind has ever seen. (I’ve been on an cult/cult-horror kick for a while). However this isn’t the first death connected with the Cordova’s that McGarth has tried to investigate. But another death connected with the Cordova’s is adding more superstition of the family being cursed. Like stated before McGarth has already tried to investigate the first death connected with the Cordova’s that lost his marriage and almost his career as an investigative journalist. So now McGarth must investigate Ashley’s death without making the same mistakes, while joined by two unlikely candidates: young starting actress Nora, and strung out Hopper.Together the three of them go on the investigation that changed their lives forever, but can these three find the mystery to Ashley death?

My Opinion: I would give this book a 4 out of 5! I loved this book it was a fantastic mix of magic, fantasy, spirits and reality. Pessl had a magnificent way of writing this story I was caught up in the story so many times I would be up for late up long hours of the night. Plus Pessl creativity and effort put into this story was way out of the box, she used real people for photographs and instead of describing the person the readers got to see what Ashley and Stanislas look like. Pessl created fake (fake in sense they were fake in our real world but it was real for the story) website, newspaper articles, Rolling Stones articles, cults and so much more all for the sake of her novel.

I loved the characters especially McGarth I was so wrapped up in his character I would forget some times he was just a journalist instead of an FBI agent. The author did a great job of showing the real McGarth , his strengths of how fantastic and passionate he was at his career and his weakness of being a forgetful father and bad husband. He was such a relatable character with depth.

I loved the mystery and the case of Ashley’s death. The escalation of each place the group investigated each place got more exciting and intense leading up to a great ending. Here’s my view of the ending: AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I LOVED IT!! The adventure, the thrill the truth of the mystery! It was amazing. It was exciting and wrapped up like a perfect symmetrical bow.I felt so satisfied with the ending there would be no need for another book or continuation of the story in any way.

But side note, Pessl goes into detail about Stanislas’s films, they’re like a remnant of Alfred Hitcock  and would be movies I seriously want to watch!! (my favorite to watch would be Thumbscrew read the book to know more details because I can’t spoil things)

What was very hard for me was getting through the parts that deal with people describing Ashley to McGarth. She was always described as a beautiful perfect being that knew everything or had a way of being able to know everything. She was perfect at the piano, teaching herself perfect Chinese in two weeks, keeping tabs on everyone even if they didn’t have a cell phone or email (How?!?), just everything she did was perfect. Ashley was too perfect to be a believable person or character. It made no sense nor explained how Ashley inexplicably knew everything. Pessl wrote the perfect person and oversold her. Ashley’s character is too unbelievable for me to sit there and read and simply accept. The pictures used of Ashley does betray her as a pretty person but personally she’s not beautiful like Scarlett Johansson (even though I do say she is beautiful in the beginning of this review I’m repeating the theme of Ashley’s description). Ashley did nothing spectacular to make me feel like she was such a spectacular person people talked her up to be. Each person McGarth talks to says the exact same thing that each person has said before. Ashley didn’t have depth to her character till the very end when the truth was finally reviled which made me like her character more in the end. I guess my point is with Ashley is what really made her her so great to everyone and why is Ashley able to be so perfect with no real explanation? But I would not get rid of Ashley just give her more depth and don’t oversell her even though the audience never truly meets her. I know an author has a to make a character great who never really interacts in the book but don’t be repetitive.

Beside that read the book. I had a great time reading it and you need to read it!

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