Documentary Photography Historiography

Hello everyone the Fox Chock is back with another history paper! Or I should say this time it is a historiography paper. For those who don’t know what a historiography paper is, it is a an analysis of scholarly history books and articles about a certain subject of a writers choice. For example my subject for this historiography paper is about documentary photography or should I say the people who wrote about documentary photography.

I’m going to give people a heads up this is a loooong paper of 25 pages, it was for my first class in grad school so it had to be long. I’m very proud of this paper because it was the first time I had ever written a paper of this size and my teacher was a hard grader. Anyway I hope you enjoy, constructive criticism is always welcome because I do want to improve my writing! So please click the link below here to read my Documentary Photography Historiography!

Documentary Photography

Image Source: Walker Evans, Torn Movie Poster, 1931 From: (accessed 11/22/2015).


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