Book Review: The Ghost Network

513fF7rS+DL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Even though I do history papers I will be doing some book reviews because I love to read. This first one is the Ghost Network by Catie Disabato. A mystery novel that is pretty short read of 275 pages. Let me just say before I jump into the book I was so excited to finally read this book. I really don’t remember how I found this book or who recommended because, it took me so long like 6 months to get this book from the library  because they only had one copy. Any way lets jump in!

Overview: The way this novel is written is as if it was a book of a testimony and interviews of the events in that partake in the novel as if it was a real event. The reader follows the two main characters Regina Nix and Caitlin Taer (mostly they go by their last names Nix and Taer) on the search for the famous pop star named Molly Metropolis, who has suddenly disappeared during her tour before a concert. The reader starts to  learn the background and the relationship between Molly, Nix and Taer and why Nix and Taer are looking for Molly. Nix and Taer begin their search for Molly by going to Molly’s apartment to find clues and find Molly’s secret notebook that could help lead them to Molly. Inside the notebook they found notes about secret maps that Molly had made about the abandon subway tracks and stations in Chicago, secret codes and general notes. After reading the notebook Nix and Taer learned that Molly was in a super secret society called the New Situationists. They discover in the notebook a number and email belonging to Nicolas Berliner a friend of Molly’s and current member of the New Situationists, who is also looking for Molly. Disabato takes a break from the main plot to explain about Berliner past and how he got involved with the New Socialist and Molly. After Berliner’s past the plot moves back to the three joining together to search for Molly. While searching for Molly, Taer, Nix and Beliner run into enemies of Molly and in the end discover an amazing secret.


My Opinion: This book is a 3/5 stars so for me it was enjoyable but ok. This book was so well written I would get lost in the story for a while then come back to reality. I will give it to Disabato she can write and put together a story. I won’t lie I’m a sucker for secret cults/societies, and secret transportation with abandoned train stations leading to secret places, so the theme of the book really drew me in. What also was great about this book is it incorporates gay relationships, Nix and Taer are lesbians. Berliner is straight but they all interact together like regular people, there is no hate or struggles for Taer and Nix’s  relationship. Personally it was just nice to read about a lesbian couple that are not bashed for their sexuality and just treated like regular people and not something different or bad.

Reading this story was like riding a roller coaster it has its slow moment and its fast moments. Which was great because the slow parts would explain the background of the characters and the fast parts dedicated to the action. However the story could be confusing at times: it would change from a third person perspective watching Nix and Tear, then it jumped to Nix and Beliner “interviewing” Catie Disabato.

Also the plot about the New Situationsts wasn’t exactly confusing but I felt like I got left out of an inside joke that is constantly being brought up. For readers who don’t know who the New Situationsts are, it is an actual avant garde society and Disabato actually incorporates the New Situationsts ideas and theories into the novel. Which is cool if readers know who the New Situationsts are but for those who don’t it feels like being left out. Disabato does give a general description of the New Situationsts and what they stand for but at one point I did put the book down to go further depth researching them because they are mentioned so much  throughout the novel. Disabato even quotes their manifesto. I personally would have felt better reading a researching more about the New Situationsts but they means reading another book and stop reading the Ghost Network just to get a better understanding of it.

Without spoiling the ending for you guys, I was not impressed with the ending. It wasn’t terrible or made me feel like waiting six months to read this book was a waste of time but I feel it could have been better.  The beginning and middle were great which felt like it lead to a great build up for a pretty awesome ending but for me the ending was anticlimactic. To put it in an example in the real world its as if your friend set you up on a date with someone who you thought was pretty cool. Your friend talks this individual up saying they have had fun platonic interactions and that they’re funny and great. You have even seen videos of this person being pretty cool and you think they’re great and you finally get excited to finally go on this date with this person. Yet they turn out to be disappointing and not as fun as you thought they were.

But overall for me it was a fun read, I personally think it would be great if Catie continued the story, The Ghost Network does have a potential lead into a continuation of the novel turning it into a series. If that does happen I think I would like the ending better, the ending would make more sense for a continuation because of just the way it was written and it short comings.

Anyway thanks for reading if you have any books to recommend to me for a good read or a review please let me know!

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