Introductions must be made

Hello everyone, for my first post just a little information about me. I love history, I have graduated with a bachelors degree in history from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2014. I also will be going back to school this fall (2015) for my master’s degree in public history or museum studies. I love writing history papers, I found it to be a good challenge and doing research on something new. With that said this blog is going to my historical writings from the past or new ones that I wrote in my free time or for class.

However to be honest I only like writing papers on topics that I like. For just a general idea of what I like I love the time period of of 1850 (maybe earlier)-1980. I very much love art history as well so this is not only a history blog but an art history as well.

Why I’m doing this is to publish my work in someway, books are expensive and I’ll try getting my work sent to journals but I need to tweak my writing a bit before I get it to the big leagues.

My work will be copyrighted so no one can use my work! The only thing that can by my work is the actual sources I used in my work like the books and articles and so on. They are a good source if anyone is interested in the topics I choose to write about.

So please enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed researching and writing them. I also do enjoy constructive criticism, I do wish to improve my writing.